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November 10th, 2009–India

Good evening everyone! What a day it has been here in Vizag. I actually got to teach today to the kids and it was so much fun! Especially teaching the story of Ringu who is from India, the kids said they loved it….especially the little boys…tehe! Talking through a translator was diffucult for me though because i didn’t like to stop that often and my thoughts ended up colliding together. Even though my thoughts weren’t as clear as i would’ve liked them to be it didn’t matter cause the kids were just so excited to hear a story about some one from their country. Brightest Horizons is where we teach our Good News Club and the kids there made cards for the kids in India. So before i started i told the kids i had something special for them and told them how kids miles and miles away in America were praying for them and made them these cards!  Oh i wish i had gotten a picture of the kids faces when i told them that kids their own age made them cards! Then after i told my story one of the little girls had her birthday party up there and she was 10 years old!!!! Oh i just love kids so much! It was funny though out of all the kids there some of them were older than me….so they weren’t exactly kids. The cool thing was i got to teach on the roof top…and it was beautiful up there. I am going to move here.

After we had finished i went to put my stuff away but the door was locked so i came back out and headed to the worship center. As i was heading there the little boys were getting ready for bed so i stopped and asked them if they liked the story. Of course they all said yes….but then i asked them their names and i can not pronounce them to save my life! As they were telling me all their names one little boy comes up and goes “I’m david” and i was just like YES!! a name i can remember! Then a little girl came out and her name was Lydia! so now i know 2 kids names. They were so cute….mommy if you read this i am bringing all of them home!!!! Beware!!!!!

Then i talked with the translator and he said that he enjoyed the story and he said that the pictures in the story were perfect for the kids to visualize what was going on better. Then i told him about Child Evangelism and it was just sooo amazing!

Also Arjuna is trying to get me hooked up with one of the guys here….which i wouldn’t mind ;)…..and one more thing. I have told some people this but i really wanna be a director for Child Evangelism…and coming over here to India i really think that if becoming a director is what God has for me it would be here in India! It would be so cool to get training then start a chapter in Vizag, India(after learning the language of course) and going into the places here and telling others about Jesus! With all the youth around we would also be able to have aChristian Youth in Action here and make it where a couple of states here get together and train to teach in5 day clubs and good news clubs…..i feel like that is where God might be leading me!

oh wait i almost forgot….daddy and i are leading the music tomorrow for one of the sessions and it is gonna be so much fun! Anyway i am tired and must prepare for another day tomorrow! Goodnight


November 9th & 10th, 2009– India

Well yesterday was the first day at the Bible conference and it was so wonderful! Especially the little girls here…i think just about all of them asked me what my name was and i would ask them theirs and i would have to say their name 50 times before it was right. Daddy got to teach last night with a translator and he was awesome! GO DADDY!!! Anyway, i also burnt my tongue on super hot tea(OUCH)…but the tea was still good! I didn’t get to teach at all yesterday, but i will be doing so very soon. Its going to be interesting and i can’t wait to see how everything will play out! Especially since i don’t know what times i am teaching…and what day I am teaching the college girls….Tuesday and Wednesday I am teaching the kids about Ringu and some fun songs! I am super excited about it all and can’t wait to find out the times!

Right now it’s 11:59am and the kids are still in school. I am not sure what time they get out but i am waiting for them to get out so I will have some girls to play with ;)! Almost everyone else has taught except me and I still don’t know what time I am teaching!!!! I have already written my outline out and I know what I am going to be saying, just i wish i knew what time i will be saying everything. Also i like being here because no guy has asked for my picture and i’m sure all of them are christians :)…at least the guys here are cute and shyer! HAHA! So pretty much i have sat through the morning session and wrote this blog…….daddy is still teaching….could be a while! Oh well my thoughts have been stopped for right now so i’ll keep ya’ll updated on how tonight goes!


India– November 8th, 2009

Today was our first full day in India and it was very exciting! It all started with breakfast then going to Arjuna’s church. Indian churches are way different than American churches in many ways. I think i like Indian churches better! One reason is because they do not wear shoes and two they really know how to worship God.  In the church the men sit on one side and the ladies sit on the other side and everyone sits on the floor….well most everyone I sat in a chair next to Raji, Arjuna’s wife. The service was very nice though and i enjoyed listening to the music although I didn’t not understand what they were singing. Daddy preached at the church and another guy translated. After the service we went back to the hotel and waited for everyone to get back and eat lunch which was awesome….i got this soup called Minnestrone( i think i spelt that right) and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later in the afternoon we went to go sight seeing in this one place on a mountain. I think about all of  Vizag was there! It was really pretty to be able to look over the mountain and see the ocean and Vizag.  There was some sort of event going on so there were booths set up and places where we could eat and stuff. I didn’t want to tell this to anyone but i was threatened! While we were standing waiting and talking these Indian ladies walk up to me and are like “how are you?” so i tell them how i’m doing and they give me their hand to shake and just stare at me. Arjuna went to talk to them and they wanted to get pictures of me….soo now i was kinda scared! Then throughout the whole time we were there everyone would stare at us and ask to get pictures of me! Once there was a group of like 10 guys and they are like “one picture please!” so i didn’t wanna be rude so i took pictures with them! I think i was afraid of when the guys took pictures because they got very close and just watched me! I wasn’t afraid when i took pictures with the ladies….so we didn’t stay all to long but it was still a beautiful site.

When the nighttime came we went shopping in a 4 story mall! They had some of the most beautifulist things there….especially the fabric for the the saris. They had sooo many bangles(metal bracelets) but they were very small and didn’t fit me all to well so i didn’t get any of those. The mall was very cool though….there was alot of gold things…real gold things.

For dinner we went to a buffet outside which played American music….like Stacie Orrico. Then a live band came out and played for us since we were the only ones there, but the food was awesome!

Now I’m in the hotel getting ready to go to bed and start tomorrow at the campus teaching! Keep praying!

India–November 5th-7th, 2009

I am sorry i have not updated this sooner…..I was still writing it in my journal! We have made it! Before i tell you about India i am going to tell you how we got here.

Our journey began in Fort Myers, Florida and we drove all the way to Miami. When we got to miami we took a shuttle to the airport, which was huge! There was so many people all from different places.  My favorites were the Australians!  Well we started at the check in and went through security…we also stopped at the bathroom…but anyway we finally made it to our gate which was like the last gate in the airport. Now we had to wait….ooh the agony of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No it wasn’t that long only 2 hours. Finally it was time to board the plane. I felt special cause  I got the window seat and daddy sat next to me. During the flight daddy and I watched “Up” and ate and i stared out the window since we were so high in the air and I all I could see were the clouds. Seven hours had passed before we made it to our stop. We flew over Ireland!!! Then finally made it to London and got off the plane inLondon!!!  It was so cold in London and foggy but still awesome!  I searched for Skandar some but wasn’t able to locate him so instead i saw double decker buses. After waiting a while we boarded the plane and headed toward India. I actually was able to sleep on the plane this time after we watched a movie.  While we were flying we flew over Iran and Iraq and it was so beautiful since it was night and the whole country was lit up! A little longer we had made it to India, got off the plane got our baggage and went to the hotel in Mumbai….i can’t say much about the hotel. It was good to sleep in a bed though! After a couple hours of sleep and a wonderful shower, we headed toward the airport again. Two more flights to go! We did finally make it to Vizag and to the hotel we are at now! The hotel is wonderful and the service is very good….by the end of the trip here I was tired of planes!!!!


Hello Everyone!

I am new to this whole blogging thing but i will try my best and keep everyone updated. As some of you know my daddy and I will be leaving for India November 5th. While on our journey I will be keeping a blog as well as a journal. Hopefully I will be able to post one each day and tell of all the wonderful adventures God is giving me while in India! Please read and keep my father and I in your prayers!


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