Happiness is a gift.

I am sorry i have not updated this sooner…..I was still writing it in my journal! We have made it! Before i tell you about India i am going to tell you how we got here.

Our journey began in Fort Myers, Florida and we drove all the way to Miami. When we got to miami we took a shuttle to the airport, which was huge! There was so many people all from different places.  My favorites were the Australians!  Well we started at the check in and went through security…we also stopped at the bathroom…but anyway we finally made it to our gate which was like the last gate in the airport. Now we had to wait….ooh the agony of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No it wasn’t that long only 2 hours. Finally it was time to board the plane. I felt special cause  I got the window seat and daddy sat next to me. During the flight daddy and I watched “Up” and ate and i stared out the window since we were so high in the air and I all I could see were the clouds. Seven hours had passed before we made it to our stop. We flew over Ireland!!! Then finally made it to London and got off the plane inLondon!!!  It was so cold in London and foggy but still awesome!  I searched for Skandar some but wasn’t able to locate him so instead i saw double decker buses. After waiting a while we boarded the plane and headed toward India. I actually was able to sleep on the plane this time after we watched a movie.  While we were flying we flew over Iran and Iraq and it was so beautiful since it was night and the whole country was lit up! A little longer we had made it to India, got off the plane got our baggage and went to the hotel in Mumbai….i can’t say much about the hotel. It was good to sleep in a bed though! After a couple hours of sleep and a wonderful shower, we headed toward the airport again. Two more flights to go! We did finally make it to Vizag and to the hotel we are at now! The hotel is wonderful and the service is very good….by the end of the trip here I was tired of planes!!!!

Comments on: "India–November 5th-7th, 2009" (3)

  1. So glad you made it there.. what a long, long, long ride. You gained a day in the process! I look forward to reading about your experiences there. Be blessed and be a blessing.
    Ms. Taffy

  2. Lady Kacey said:

    Lady Abigail, I miss you far greater than anyone can imagine! I’m so glad to hear your adventures. You got your wish and flew over Ireland? Could you actually see the land or did you just see clouds? I’ve never seen Up, was it good? In London did you get to take pictures of the double buses? And I’m sorry you didn’t find Skandar. ): The total number of flights was 4? Sorry for all these questions. I love you bestest friend! (:

    I love you forever and ever,
    Lady Kacey

    • Lady Kacey, I miss you so much! Yes we did fly over Ireland at 6 am when it was to dark to see anything and it was so cloudy that it didn’t matter. UP is a super good movie…it was the 3rd time i had seen it. I am sorry to say that i was not able to aquire a picture of the double decker buses since the I was not permitted to take pictures while descending on the plane. I will try to get one when we go back through London! Yes, there was a total of 4 flights and 3 planes. It’s ok you can ask all the questions your heart desires!

      I love a million red m&m’s
      Lady Abigail

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