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India– November 8th, 2009

Today was our first full day in India and it was very exciting! It all started with breakfast then going to Arjuna’s church. Indian churches are way different than American churches in many ways. I think i like Indian churches better! One reason is because they do not wear shoes and two they really know how to worship God.  In the church the men sit on one side and the ladies sit on the other side and everyone sits on the floor….well most everyone I sat in a chair next to Raji, Arjuna’s wife. The service was very nice though and i enjoyed listening to the music although I didn’t not understand what they were singing. Daddy preached at the church and another guy translated. After the service we went back to the hotel and waited for everyone to get back and eat lunch which was awesome….i got this soup called Minnestrone( i think i spelt that right) and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later in the afternoon we went to go sight seeing in this one place on a mountain. I think about all of  Vizag was there! It was really pretty to be able to look over the mountain and see the ocean and Vizag.  There was some sort of event going on so there were booths set up and places where we could eat and stuff. I didn’t want to tell this to anyone but i was threatened! While we were standing waiting and talking these Indian ladies walk up to me and are like “how are you?” so i tell them how i’m doing and they give me their hand to shake and just stare at me. Arjuna went to talk to them and they wanted to get pictures of me….soo now i was kinda scared! Then throughout the whole time we were there everyone would stare at us and ask to get pictures of me! Once there was a group of like 10 guys and they are like “one picture please!” so i didn’t wanna be rude so i took pictures with them! I think i was afraid of when the guys took pictures because they got very close and just watched me! I wasn’t afraid when i took pictures with the ladies….so we didn’t stay all to long but it was still a beautiful site.

When the nighttime came we went shopping in a 4 story mall! They had some of the most beautifulist things there….especially the fabric for the the saris. They had sooo many bangles(metal bracelets) but they were very small and didn’t fit me all to well so i didn’t get any of those. The mall was very cool though….there was alot of gold things…real gold things.

For dinner we went to a buffet outside which played American music….like Stacie Orrico. Then a live band came out and played for us since we were the only ones there, but the food was awesome!

Now I’m in the hotel getting ready to go to bed and start tomorrow at the campus teaching! Keep praying!

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  1. It’s wonderful to hear all about your trip — please keep us updated. And stay safe! We’re continuing to pray for you all.

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