Happiness is a gift.

Well yesterday was the first day at the Bible conference and it was so wonderful! Especially the little girls here…i think just about all of them asked me what my name was and i would ask them theirs and i would have to say their name 50 times before it was right. Daddy got to teach last night with a translator and he was awesome! GO DADDY!!! Anyway, i also burnt my tongue on super hot tea(OUCH)…but the tea was still good! I didn’t get to teach at all yesterday, but i will be doing so very soon. Its going to be interesting and i can’t wait to see how everything will play out! Especially since i don’t know what times i am teaching…and what day I am teaching the college girls….Tuesday and Wednesday I am teaching the kids about Ringu and some fun songs! I am super excited about it all and can’t wait to find out the times!

Right now it’s 11:59am and the kids are still in school. I am not sure what time they get out but i am waiting for them to get out so I will have some girls to play with ;)! Almost everyone else has taught except me and I still don’t know what time I am teaching!!!! I have already written my outline out and I know what I am going to be saying, just i wish i knew what time i will be saying everything. Also i like being here because no guy has asked for my picture and i’m sure all of them are christians :)…at least the guys here are cute and shyer! HAHA! So pretty much i have sat through the morning session and wrote this blog…….daddy is still teaching….could be a while! Oh well my thoughts have been stopped for right now so i’ll keep ya’ll updated on how tonight goes!


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