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I’m sorry i didn’t do a blog the last couple days we were in india! i am now just getting around to it! okay so here is what happened:


i taught 3 times with Greg Kappas on “How God Listens to Us and How to listen to God”…it’s difficult when my stories and examples were long and i had to go through a translator……i also got my Indian attire that night with Arjuna’s wife Raji. It’s funny cause going shopping at wal*mart or target no one will help you unless you beg and beg! At this store we went to i think there were like 4 people helping me pick put an outfit. Then when i did pick it out they wanted to make sure it fit right and stuff…it alot different how they do stuff there! i like it!

That night our whole group went out to the beach for dinner. It was so beautiful….a hotel owns the restaraunt so we had to walk through this gorgeous hotel to get to the beach….while we were eating there were a bunch of boats on the water but all you could see were the  lights! it was fantastic!


I taught one more time “How God Listens to Us and How to listen to God” with Greg Kappas. During the afternoon i taught one session to the college girls on “How to Weave the Gospel into a Bible Story”. That was an interesting class…the girls, while i was teaching how to teach the saved child…they kept asking how to tell as saved child from a unsaved child…so i explained in all the ways i knew and it didn’t click. Then after one of the girls said “well if we are going to teach them that sin is anything you think say or do then we are teaching them to sin.”

i said “No! that’s not wht i said…i said that sin is anything you think say or do that makes God sad or breaks his rules. so we aren’t teaching them to sin we are teaching them what sin is.” and she was like oh…but i hope they are able to use the tools i gave them….God can use anything!

Oh i shall have to finish later!

I taugh one more time on “How God Listens


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