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Spring X

Hi everyone…

I have realized how long it has been since i lasted posted anything so i am now deciding to post something…

At first I couldn’t come up with anything to write about because i thought most people would think it’s boring but I don’t care what anyone thinks i am going  to write about my Spring X!!!!!!!!

Let’s see… Well i left off last time with India so i’ll update you on that first. Since our journey back i have kept in touch with some people over there :))))) and made some new friends over email. I plan to go back either this year or next summer depending on God’s timing. Also I have decided I will become a teacher and major in Elementary Education at SouthEastern University. That’s all those updates…

Spring X- In January I started 4 college classes: Economics, Composition 2, College Algebra and Fundamentals of Speech(Economics was my mom’s fault).  Anyway, when i first signed up for these classes i was so excited to make new friends and to have more than an hour classes, but when the semester started i regretted it. That might sound strange “regretting education”. Which to me at first it didn’t I disliked all my professors (except one) and every class was stupid because it asked to much of me! Then as the semester went on I knew my heart was definitaly not right. I took for granted the oppurtunity that i have! I began to think about people in other countries who don’t have an oppurtunity at any education and here i am griping and groaning because of a couple of things i had to do which in reality was so much. I just didn’t wanna do ’em! this really came face to face with me when i got two bad grades!!! I realized that college classes require college effort(which many students don’t know how to do). During this time I was reading a book called “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris(excellent book btw). It showed me how I had gone through most of my school years by doing nothing. Yah i made good grades the whole time, but I had help with everything I did and i was told what was expected of me. Now I had no idea! Some professors i had some clue but others i was clueless!  Even before all this happened I asked God to give me hard things to do, and he did! Lot’s of hard things. Finally i started studying more, stopped procrastinating and got everything done and caught up. and it’s paid off I have brought all of my grades up to 2 A’s and 2 B’s which is incredible for me. I still need prayer nontheless and Finals are coming up and I know I can do it because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!” Philippians 4:13



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