Happiness is a gift.

Spring X

Hi everyone…

I have realized how long it has been since i lasted posted anything so i am now deciding to post something…

At first I couldn’t come up with anything to write about because i thought most people would think it’s boring but I don’t care what anyone thinks i am going  to write about my Spring X!!!!!!!!

Let’s see… Well i left off last time with India so i’ll update you on that first. Since our journey back i have kept in touch with some people over there :))))) and made some new friends over email. I plan to go back either this year or next summer depending on God’s timing. Also I have decided I will become a teacher and major in Elementary Education at SouthEastern University. That’s all those updates…

Spring X- In January I started 4 college classes: Economics, Composition 2, College Algebra and Fundamentals of Speech(Economics was my mom’s fault).  Anyway, when i first signed up for these classes i was so excited to make new friends and to have more than an hour classes, but when the semester started i regretted it. That might sound strange “regretting education”. Which to me at first it didn’t I disliked all my professors (except one) and every class was stupid because it asked to much of me! Then as the semester went on I knew my heart was definitaly not right. I took for granted the oppurtunity that i have! I began to think about people in other countries who don’t have an oppurtunity at any education and here i am griping and groaning because of a couple of things i had to do which in reality was so much. I just didn’t wanna do ’em! this really came face to face with me when i got two bad grades!!! I realized that college classes require college effort(which many students don’t know how to do). During this time I was reading a book called “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris(excellent book btw). It showed me how I had gone through most of my school years by doing nothing. Yah i made good grades the whole time, but I had help with everything I did and i was told what was expected of me. Now I had no idea! Some professors i had some clue but others i was clueless!  Even before all this happened I asked God to give me hard things to do, and he did! Lot’s of hard things. Finally i started studying more, stopped procrastinating and got everything done and caught up. and it’s paid off I have brought all of my grades up to 2 A’s and 2 B’s which is incredible for me. I still need prayer nontheless and Finals are coming up and I know I can do it because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!” Philippians 4:13


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  1. I like your blog….I’m from GCHSA. Very interesting perspective on education. Did you attend a traditional school before homeschool? My kids never get grades, I mostly just make sure that they learned the assignment. The book you read sounds interesting, maybe I should read it. Have a blessed day!

    • No I have been homeschooled my entire life. Going on 13 years now! The book is very well written but it’s made for teens so it’s not like this perplexing great book it’s good for helping and getting through hard things and learning how get past other people’s low expectations. I think you would like it

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