Happiness is a gift.

Feeling Good

I took a history test last week. We had to do an in class essay along with answer mutliple choice questions and short questions(which are long paragraphs on a certain topic) I studied hard and felt prepared. Got my results back and got a B. Now what made me excited was a comment that my professor made on my exam.

“Abby, you are well prepared and will do well at the college and universty level.”

I had never had a professor say that about my efforts. Especially since I did not have the best grade or whatnot…but it was encouraging to see that a professor recognized that I was trying. Cause, I hate history…with a burning passion..because I dislike it so, I have to work hard to memorize the stuff and work at learning the material. So I put effort into the course and to see that a professor noticed that made me feel good 🙂

So hard work pays off huh? So that means I will get a job one day…

~”All hard work brings a profit,
but mere talk leads only to poverty.”~ Poverbs 14:23

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